Dr. Wolfgang Kreischer | Praxis Zehlendorf

Dr. med. Wolfgang Kreischer

Specialist in General Medicine

  • University studies in Mainz and in Berlin.
  • Specialist training at the Free University of Berlin, the Rittberg Hospital in Lichterfelde and the Martin Luther Hospital in Wilmersdorf.
  • before settling in Zehlendorf in 1986, worked for the “flying doctor service” in Australia and in a health clinic
  • since the establishment, active in professional associations and in medical self-administration
  • for many years lecturer at the Charité

Dr. med. Stephan Ruhla

Specialist for internal medicine

  • University studies in Berlin and Halle.
  • further specialist training at the Martin Luther University and the Charité
  • afterwards work at the Paul Gerhardt Stift hospital in Wittenberg
  • since July 2019 at my doc MVZ Berlin
Dr. med. Stephan Ruhla | Praxis Zehlendorf
Wolfgang Schreier, Allgemeinmedizin - my doc MVZ Berlin Zehlendorf

Wolfgang Schreier

Specialist in General medicine

  • Studies and specialist training in Berlin.
  • since 1989 branch office as family doctor in Tempelhof
  • since 2011 cooperation with Dr. Kreischer.

Active in professional politics and honorary judge at the Social Court Berlin.

Anne von Törne | Praxismanagerin und Praxisorganisation

Anne von Törne

 Practice manager and practice organization

Vera Rasch | MFA, NÄPA, Wundmanagerin

Vera Rasch

Medical assistant, wound manager, non-physician practice assistant (NÄPA)

Sabine Heuer | MFA

Sabine Heuer

Medical assistant

Iryna Popadiuk | MFA

Iryna Popadiuk

Medical assistant

Petra Tank | Rezeptionistin

Petra Tank